At The Crossroads / Change Nigeriana

Time for change
Time for change

By: Martin Akpan

At The Crossroads

(1)see birds, limping on bug-infested


Limping in the void of the season
(1)see men in their numbers watching
Wondering and wandering in the clueless aim
The wind stretching its ears amid a din
In the distant Cathedral of the Cross
As ‘Father’ ministers the extreme unction
On a parting communicant before a soulful
It is time for prayers of the saints who are
saints indeed
For Angels have jettisoned their holy chores
For a porridge of mellifluous oddity
And demons have taken over the altars of
With acrobatics of seamy drama and
 Alas, true supplicants, where are they?

 Change Nigeriana

The season is on

The heat of the season

A season of pains

Seasoned with hate

And endless battles

The heat is on

On the wings of the season

Teary-eyed, the season

Empties her bowels

To spread her torment

In a torrent of fire

How many drops of tears will birth

A volcanic rain that can change

The windy horizon of pain

Into a swelling hilarity of gain?

We are for a change

The pain is the change

Its fangs are the gain

Honed by ancestral pride

Of Sect and Tribe

Excerpts from the book: Ripples of Rebirth published by Akpan who is a medical doctor and the state Chairman of Primary Health-Care Delivery System