Argentine Police Officer Gets Promotion For Breastfeeding Neglected Infant

Argentine Officer Breastfeeding Kid
Argentine Officer Breastfeeding Kid

An Argentine police woman who won millions of hearts online after she was photographed breastfeeding a neglected infant in her uniform has been promoted.

Celeste Ayala was seen breastfeeding a seven-month-old baby, who was rescued along with five other kids from their home. She was hailed by netizens and fellow citizens.

Ayala was among a team of officers who took six siblings into state custody in a municipality near Buenos Aires as they were in a miserable condition in their home, The New York Times reported.

When the police officials reached the hospital, the youngest among the children was wailing. Being the mother of 16-month-old daughter, Ayala quickly realised the infant was crying due to hunger. After seeking permission from the staff at the hospital, she sat there on a stall with the baby to feed it.

“I didn’t doubt it for a second,” she told the Argentine television show Cronica.

The photo of her nursing the baby went viral, after one of her colleagues uploaded the photo on Facebook and lauded her for the selfless act. Along with the photo, Heredia also said that the hospital staff called the baby “smelly and dirty”, but Ayala was not bothered by it.

The news of her promotion was celebrated, and people said such appreciation and recognition would inspire others to help more.

(The Indian Express)