Any Insensitive System To National, Local Diversity Cannot Succeed – PDP Aspirant


Nigerians have been marginalised, short-changed and traumatised for a long time such that anything the leaders proffer as a solution to the problems of the country is hardly accepted by majority of the population.


Mr. Godwin Nyiam, a senatorial aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for the Northern District of Cross River State, speaking in Calabar stated that county has hardly experienced true leadership since its independence.


So far, Nigeria has been ruled by eight military leaders, one Interim National Government and six civilan governments including President Buhari, yet the leadership question remains an illusive item.


“So many people have made the Senate a retiring ground and use the platform to advance personal interest rather than work for the masses that is why the 2019 election should see the emergence of young people with fresh brains who know they still have a long time to serve this county and according give their best,” Nyiam said.


He said until Nigerians could identify leaders who do not mean well for the country and remove them from positions of authority, the country will not make the needed progress.


“The Senate is a place for leaders and those who are prepared to salvage this country from the paralysis it is experiencing today and that calls for collective responsibility from everyone whether young or old to vote in the right people not those whose days are almost over.”


The PDP Senatorial aspirant described Ogoja as one of the oldest local government areas in the country which has not occupied the Senatorial position since Nigeria became independent, saying this smacks of injustice and lack of equity in the political system because injustice needs to be addressed in 2019 to engender a sense of belonging among the people.


“Any system that is insensitive to the national and local diversity cannot succeed. Until we can see an Urhobo man as having the same rights as a Fulani man to occupy a post and not die, we will continue to see struggles for freedom in this country.”

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