Angry Reactions Trail Plot To Impeach Madumere

Prince Eze Madumere
Prince Eze Madumere

Angry reactions from within and outside Nigeria, have continued to trail the current plot by Imo State House of Assembly to impeach Prince Eze Madumere, the Deputy Governor.

The latest reactions came from Emeka Ihedioha, the former Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Sir Felix Chidi Idiga, Owerri Indigenes in Boston, United States of America and the League for Equity and Justice.

For Ihedioha, “this unfortunate development is particularly alarming and indeed worrisome, to all advocates and defenders of democracy and rule of law in Imo and the nation at large.”

The former Deputy Speaker said it was “incontrovertible that this move being spearheaded by Governor Rochas Okorocha and Imo State House of Assembly, is a colossal assault on all known democratic tenets, including freedom of choice, freedom of association and the right of an individual to aspire to any position in the land.”

He expressed regret that “the state is about to have a third deputy governor in the life of Governor Okorocha administration, as he has once again, demonstrated his clear intolerance to alternative political stance and viewpoint”.

Chief Ihedioha regretted that the current episode was coming at the twilight of his administration, when everybody was expecting him to preoccupy himself with “how to salvage the near ruinous state he is set to leave behind without any legacy to show, than be engaging in duel against perceived political enemies”.

His words: “Governor Okorocha must therefore, stop this open display of gross abuse of power and treatment of Imolites as conquered people, who must be humiliated and subjugated. This is manifest in the planned impeachment of Prince Eze Madumere, which in all intents and purposes is irresponsible, undemocratic, illegitimate, irrational, egocentric and therefore, should be reconsidered forthwith, in the interest of the state and sustenance of democracy.”

In his own reaction, Chief Felix Chidi Idiga pleaded with Imo lawmakers to “drop this war-like situation in the state and embrace dialogue, where issues are resolved amicably, so as to save our state and democracy, from degenerating into a theatre of political war and embarrassment”.

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Continuing, Idiga said the legislature has not been seen in many quarters, to have lived up to its expectations in championing checks and balances, amongst different tiers of government, as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution.

“Let us remember that Imo State is greater than any singular individual. Let us give peace a chance. Enough is enough please”, Idiga pleaded.

Owerri indigenes in Boston, United States of America described the alleged conviction of Madumere in an American Court as baseless and untrue.

“If truly the crimes levelled against the Deputy Governor were true, which we can prove are not, as we have found no evidence here, having painstakingly visited the Justice Department to verify the accusations, why then are they coming out now, after Prince Eze Madumere stood up for the people of Imo State, to challenge an attempt to foist the Governor’s son in-law on the people, against their wishes?”, the group queried.

They called on well-meaning Imo sons and daughters, who love democracy and rule of law, to “stand up and roast this dangerous trend before it is too late”, stressing that “if we turn blind eye today, evil will become bolder and tomorrow, it may be you, who will become its next victim”.

The League of Equity and Justice urged Imo State Chief Judge, Justice Paschal Nnadi, to respect the pendency of the suits and obey the order of the Abuja High Court.