Analysts Lampoon #EndSARS Protesters, Organisers For Being Misguided

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The massive protests that rocked the globe to end Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Nigeria paid off Sunday with the disbandment of the squad by Inspector-General of Police, IGP Muhammed Adamu.

Despite the disbandment of SARS seen as breather for protesters to douse fire and sheathe their swords, protesters are said to be continuing in some places causing tongues to wag on their intentions.

However, some radio analysts and callers in Akwa Ibom State have expressed reservations over the way and manner the organisers and organisations of the protests put in much energy, time and other resources to end SARS in Nigeria Police Force in the face of other heinous issues bedeviling the country.

From Inspiration FM 105.9, Uyo, an analyst disagreed with protesters for calling for an end to SARS instead of calling for reforms in the organization and in the Nigeria Police Force.

The analyst baring his mind Monday acknowledged the fact that there are some bad eggs in the unit like in any other security organisations, but there are good ones in the squad.

He recalled “I remember when I had robbery incident, the SARS operatives came to my rescue. One day, my car deflated on a lonely place. I stood there until some SARS operatives took me and my car’s tyre to a vulcanizer at a far place and later returned me to pick my car.

“We must accept the reality of the working conditions of SARS operatives. Some are not well paid. They use rickety vehicles for operation. At times, their guns are not so sophisticated as the ones used by robbery suspects. Their offices are ill-equipped. So, Nigerians should rise and call for reforms in SARS for optimum result not outright disbandment. Which unit will contend the surging robbery incidents and other forms of criminalities in our society?”

A radio caller joined in calling for reforms instead of outright disbandment. “Why are the protesters and organisers calling for the scrapping of SARS when they are many ills and bad governance? Why can’t they dissipate same energy to call for good governance in Nigeria?

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“It looks suspicious that in the face of sufferings and hardships occasioned by bad governance, they are keeping mum only to galvanise protests for the disbandment of a unit in the police force. Have they considered the challenges facing the unit and the police force?”

From Planet FM 101.1, Uyo, callers bombarded the airwaves with for and against arguments on SARS.

One caller hailed the Federal Government and IGP Muhammed Adamu for hearkening to the yearnings of Nigerians in disbanding the unit to serve as a deterrent to sister security agencies that are in the habit of perpetrating illegal arrests/detention, harassment, torture, murder and extortion from the citizens.

Another person was happy over the disbandment of the unit, believing that any other squad formed will be citizenship friendly in adhering to the principles of justice and fairness demanded of democratic governance.

However, another lampooned those calling for end of SARS and those supporting the disbandment of SARS. He saw the protests by some youths and their sponsors as “misguided.”

According to him, there are many things that should worry them which they should protests in Nigeria. Why are they lame and quiet in the face of crushing poverty and hardships caused by bad governance at the national and state levels?

“Why can’t they protest against the hikes in electricity tariff and pump oil price arbitrarily imposed on Nigerians by the government? Why can’t they protest against the unitary system of government and called for restructuring of many aspects of governance to give a respite to ordinary Nigerians and for many tribes to have lost a sense of belonging?

Still, another caller opined “Let the protesters occupy Nigeria until there is equity and justice in the land. Let them occupy until there is no skewed appointments. Let them occupy for the governments to reduce unemployment, and curb insecurity. Let them occupy for the government to address infrastructural deficit, incessant strikes and systemic corruption. They should not pretend that all is well in the country.”

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“Much as I support disbandment of SARS, I want the youths to support end to criminalities, kidnapping, robbery, secret cultism, drug abuse, prostitution and murders. Let them not see the peck in others’ eyes while there is a beam in their eyes,” a radio caller averred.