Ambode Directs Census of Churches, Mosques in Lagos


Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC) has been directed to conduct an enumeration of religious centres, particularly churches and mosques, in Lagos state.

Akinwunmi Ambode, Lagos State Governor, who was represented by Dr. Abdul Hakeem Abdul-Lateef, the Commissioner for Home Affairs, gave the directive at the inauguration of 798 members of the NIREC appointed for the 20 local government councils and 37 local council development areas in Lagos.

Ambode explained,“One of the core functions you are going to discharge is the collation of religious institutions at the local government level. You must ensure you compile a list of all churches, all mosques, all faith-based organisations and forward same to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

According to him, “I must also urge you to work closely with the local government chairmen and all other officials at the local government level. You are working directly with NIREC at the state level.’’

He urged them to always make sure they relate any matter that is beyond their capacity to the NIREC ‘’and through the NIREC, it will get to my office as the governor of the state.”

While urging them to cooperate with the local government officials and do their best to promote peace and orderliness at the council level, Ambode said their meetings would hold quarterly, apart from extra-ordinary meetings in cases of emergencies.

Dr. Tajudeen Yusuf, NIREC Co-Chairman (Muslim), said the inauguration of the council at the local government level was a proactive step taken by the government. He added that it would ensure continued peaceful co-existence among people of diverse religious and ethnic groups in the state.

Yusuf said, “Today, we are inaugurating the members of NIREC at grassroots and it is a proactive step on the part of our governor to ensure the monumental development that Lagos state is witnessing is not taken for granted.

“Muslims and Christians are in a better position to ensure we continue to have peace and inter-religious dialogue as well as peaceful co-existence in Lagos state.
“We are, by this inauguration, taking inter-religious dialogue to the grassroots so that when crises arise, they are quickly nipped in the bud,’’ Yusuf said.

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