A’Ibom Gov Candidate Rains Curses On Treasury Looters

Ezekiel Nyaetok
Ezekiel Nyaetok

As the electioneering campaign hots up by candidates to capture the soul of Hiltop Mansion, Uyo, an Akwa Ibom governorship candidate has heaped curses on government treasury looters in the state.

Speaking on Planet 101.1 FM, Uyo on Friday, Ezekiel Aniekan Nyaetok, the state governorship candidate under the platform of Young Democratic Party, YDP, declared “It shall not be well with people who divert public funds to their private use while the masses are living in poverty.”

Nyaetok, an architect, was careful in not directing the curses to any public office holder so that, according to him, most people may not read political meanings into the curses.

“It shall not be well with people who loot the treasury or steal money meant for the public use while their subjects are suffering and dying without money to solve their basic problems.

“I curse people who stash their government money in the banks or hide such money so that the masses are begging to live daily.

“I curse people who do use the public money to improve the living conditions of their people. Some people staying in the hospital and are looking for N20,000 to clear their hospital bill, yet there is no money. Medical doctors have to detain them,” he fired.

The 55-year-old declared “No matter the volume of money they steal using any name, it not be well with them. Even in their old age, they have to pay for the public money they looted while they were in the office.”

Apart, he quoted copiously from the Bible and announced that he would establish Crude Oil Areas Bearing Development Commission for the oil producing so that money would be appropriated monthly for the development of areas.

Decrying a situation where the state government allows the areas, the goose laying the golden eggs, to wallow in poverty while few public office holders in living in opulence, he pledged to implement populist programmes to change the lives of the masses.

Nyaetok, who was Peoples Democratic Party, PDP governorship aspirant in 2007, commended the people mostly pensioners and youths for pledging to support his governorship ambition, calling on them to collect their Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, which they will use to vote for him on March 2.