Afang Etike is another soup recipe simply prepared using afang and okro which is known as etike in Akwa Ibom dialect. The soup is highly nutritious, rich in protein, calcium and iodine.

The ingredients are afang, Okro, periwinkles, meat (any choice), stock fish or its head, pepper, onions, crayfish, salt and seasoning.

To prepare the soup, you have to thoroughly wash the meat, stock fish, dried fish and season them with salt, onion and pepper. Cook until it becomes tender. Pick, wash, cut and grind or pound the afang. Wash and cut the okro into tiny bits. You can pound it in a mortar if you want to. Add the okro to the boiling stock. Add palm oil and allow it to boil. Put afang into the pot and stir it gently. Add seasoning or salt to complement the taste, then bring the pot down from the fire.

Serve the soup with foofoo, garri, semovita, wheat and amala, among others.