Abak Afang


Afang is traditionally grown in the tropical area. It is a rich recipe commonly eaten by many families and in restaurants. Afang abak is another form of soup making. Unlike ukwoho afang that waterleaf is a major soup recipe; afang abak is garnished with palm fruits.

Afang abak has rich nutritional value and serves as a good source of protein, carbohydrates and iron. The basic ingredients of the soup include afang, palm fruits, cow or goat meat, dried fish, stock fish or its head and tanned cow skin (kpomo). Others are dried fish, crayfish, periwinkle, pepper and salt.

To prepare it, you have to wash afang leaves. Cut and pound them well. After this, you wash and cook palm fruits, pound them and add water to extract paste from the fruits. Put salt, onion and pepper to season meat, fish, stock fish or its head and tanned cow skin (kpomo) to taste. Thereafter, you have to pour the palm fruits extract into the seasoned stock and allow it to boil for a while. Add periwinkle and afang to the cuisine. Stir the soup and ensure that is well-cooked before you bring it down.

Before now, you have to serve your family (or your customer if he has financial capability to pay for) the first course (appetizers) to enable the meal to go down well. You could use fish, goat, chicken or bush meat pepper soup for the first course. For the second course which is the main meal or entree, you could serve with fufu, garri, pounded yam, cocoyam, what or semovita. Finally, you can use natural fruits or sweets to gush down the appetising meal.