9 Ways to Exercise and Burn Calories on a Busy Schedule


In today’s world, it’s easy to get busy. Technology has certainly made our lives easier, but at the same time, that means we can fit more into a day. The result? More work, and more of other things that occupy our time and keep us away from things we would like to do. If you’ve been trying to put together a workout plan, for example, you may look at your planner and realize there just isn’t enough time anywhere. A great workout is beneficial for so many reasons. Here are some ways to grab a workout- even on busy days.

Walk and Talk

One minor thing you can do to squeeze in some extra exercise is incorporating walks into your daily routine whenever you can.  If you make tend to make phone calls, consider taking a brisk stroll while on the phone to get your heart rate up. The exercise may even jog your memory and improve your focus, leading to an increase in productivity; it also beats sitting in a cubicle and staring at the wall. Not huge on phone calls? Find other excuses to walk a little more. Deliver reports or check in with co-workers in person instead of simply sending emails.

Skip the Elevator

Elevators are a modern convenience that is also a modern excuse for people to be lazy. If you’re shooting up several floors with time sensitive material, then sure, they definitely come in handy. However, if you’re only going up a floor or two, you’re definitely better off taking the stairs. It will actually save you time, especially on repeated trips; you’ll also get a little bit of a workout in, and avoid awkward moments with coworkers and elevator music. You can even treat it as a burst exercise by making your way up flights of stairs as quickly as possible.

Extend Your Walk-Time

Whether you drive or make use of public transport, there are things you can do to squeeze out a little more exercise. When it comes to driving, parking further away from your place of work gives you a longer distance to walk, maximizing your exercise. If you tend to deal with full parking lots, it also saves you time as people are less likely to park at a distance anyway, so you’ll always have a spot. Use public transportation? Map out a pedestrian route to work from one or two stops earlier than you would normally disembark. Or, better yet.

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Consider Biking to Work

Better even than parking lot walks or mixed commutes, try riding a bike to and from work. Biking is a great whole body exercise that can build stamina and muscle. There are other benefits as well, such as the fact that you’re less likely to get stuck in traffic. You’ll also become more familiar with your route to and from work and feel more awake and invigorated when you start your workday. If your route is really tough, or you’re not exactly in perfect biking shape, consider buying an electric bike or use a bike in conjunction with public transportation.

Take a Stand

This might sound ridiculous, but every little bit helps. Most jobs involve a heavy amount of sitting. While this may be comfortable, an overly sedentary lifestyle can have health consequences. One thing you can do if you spend a lot of time sitting is convert to a standing workstation; the mere act of being on your feet will increase the amount of calories you burn. Not able to go all the way? Even standing up for part of your shift, or at least once an hour to stretch out can get your blood flowing and help you burn some calories.

Less Lunch, More Crunch

The last thing you want to do on your lunch break is work harder, right? You might be hesitant, but there are some advantages to squeezing in a quick workout on your lunch break. For starters, it’s guaranteed free time, so you definitely can get in a set or two, or a short run. If you spend some time exercising, you’ll naturally have to eat less, which reduces calorie intake, making getting fit easier. A smaller lunch portion plus the exercise will also boost your energy, so you’ll come back after work feeling refreshed instead of in a food coma.

Plan Ahead

If you’re less about squeezing in a workout here or there and more about concentrated calorie burning times, this one’s for you. Keep track of what goes on during your day and see how many spare minutes you can shake loose. Any moment you spend doing nothing could possibly be used more efficiently to make time elsewhere; if you can complete tasks ahead of schedule, or otherwise plan them in blocks, you can also create blocks for workout times, and treat them as a project. Regularly scheduled workout time, even just five minutes in the breakroom, can keep you committed.

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So maybe you can’t find any time to set aside. Have you given multitasking a try? Any situation where you’re waiting on external factors is a chance to burn some calories. For example, if you make your own coffee at home before work, there’s a workout while you wait. Little things like fidgeting, chewing gum, or even singing can burn a few calories. All of these are pretty easy to do while you’re working, and might even improve your focus and productivity. However, if you’re not sure what else you can do while you’re already doing stuff, you should consider….

Core Exercises

While gym goers and weightlifters are known for their arms, and there is the joke about skipping leg day, there is another part of the body that is easy to neglect, but also easy to work out: your core. Your core consists primarily of your abdominals, but also includes the hips and is responsible for stability and support. Working your core doesn’t require a huge range of motion, so you can burn calories and strengthen your core while seated and working with a number of exercises. Abdominal vacuums are a good place to start, but there are others as well.

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