5 Dazzling Braids That Blend With Your Natural Hair

Kinky hair and straight braids do not mix. Almost like oil and water. If you use normal, straight braids, chances are that your hair will start peeking through within 2 weeks. Which is not a problem! However, if you’d like your cornrows and braids to last longer, there are now kinky braid options for you thank heavens. There are also kinky weave styles that will blend right in with your hair. Let’s look at some of them:

1. Rasta Dread

Darling’s Rasta Collection is perfect for the dreadlock feel! The braids look so realistic and blend in perfectly with natural hair. They won’t know where your hair starts and where it ends. You can definitely crochet as well as feed it into your hair for braiding or twisting. You can also use it to create faux locs whether short or long and you can use it to create a fabulous ponytail.

2. Marley Kinky

Inspired by Africa’s beauty and authenticity, Darling created the Marley Kinky braid. It is long, bulky, and kinky so that you can crochet, twist, braid or use as an extension. This will without a doubt blend right into your natural hair without any difference in texture showing.

3. Soft Kinky

The Soft Kinky Crochet is bringing afro inspired looks to a whole other level! Join the afro gang today with only 1 pack. This versatile braid can be crocheted into long braids or can be cut short to mimic an afro. It has an amazingly soft texture as well! Just look at it.

4. Fluffy Kinky

This is the braid of dreams. Whether you will intertwine it with your natural hair or crochet it, you will not love the end result. Many women rave about its versatility and the volume it creates.

(Black Hair Hub)