2 Nollywood Actresses Barter Decisions On Marriage

Actress Nkechi Blessing
Actress Nkechi Blessing

Two Nollywood actresses have bartered decisions on their marriages. One says ‘’I can’t leave my husband’ but another says ‘I have left my husband.’’

While Nkechi Blessing wants to remain against all odds,  Motilolatipe Adekunle has announced that her marriage has crashed.

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has dismissed any thought that would compel her to leave her husband if they are related by blood.

Recall that when the mother of one shared a picture of herself rocking a new blonde haircut, she then wrote that she and her politician husband, Opeyemi David need to go for a DNA test over their striking resemblance.

Blessing stated his after one of her fans suggested that the couple should go for a DNA test for looking like siblings.

She said, ‘’even if the results comes out positive, I can’t leave my husband. After so many years of staying together, probably have kids together, only to realise that, he is your brother, will it not be too late to leave.’’

According to her, ”I know in Africa, such a taboo is not tolerated, elders will separate you without thinking twice, but in this case, what’s done it’s already done.’’

Meanwhile, Nollywood actress, Motilolatipe Adekunle has announced that her marriage that her marriage has crashed.

The filmmaker announced that she met her Airforce husband during her service year in Kaduna in 2008/2009 and they married and have two children.

Unfortunately, she announced that they have decided to go their separate ways.

She said she had to make the announcement on Instagram because of the rumours and speculations that will arise if she doesn’t address it herself.

”After … years of marriage, we have come to hard but pragmatic realization and conclusion that we are better apart…’’ she wrote.