2 Nigerians Nabbed For Concealing Narcotics In Stockfish

Narcotics in stockfish
Narcotics in stockfish

Two Nigerians who allegedly concealed substances believed to be narcotics in stockfish were, Thursday, arrested in Ghana by the nation’s Narcotics Control Board.

It was alleged they were apprehended by the eagled-eyed security operatives of the country when they made attempt to traffic the narcotics through the General Post Office in Accra to Philippines.

The suspects- Theophilus Biney, alias Godwin Orji, a. k. a ‘Goody’, 37 years and Jeff Nnaana-K, 36 years- both residents in Ghana were picked up by officials of NACOB at different locations for their involvement in an attempt to traffic Methamphetamine a narcotic drug to the Philippines.

“Theophilus Biney also known as Godwin Orji was apprehended after attempting to post the parcels of stockfish, locally known as ‘Kako’, which contained the narcotic drug. The total weight of the narcotic drug is 21.7kgs,” the statement read.

“Theophilus, upon his arrest, admitted ownership of the package when interrogated and revealed that the parcels were given to him by Jeff Nnaana-K to be sent to one Victor, resident in the Philippines.

“Nnaana-K, upon his arrest, narrated that the consignment was not his, but was given to him by one Offor based in Nigeria to be given to Theophilus, the sender to be delivered through the Ghana Post Office to one Victor also a Nigerian resident in the Philippines.”

The statement added that both suspects have been arraigned before the court, pending further investigations and final verdict on the matter.