10 Stereotypes Nigerians Hold About Women

It is sad that Nigerian society still holds onto archaic beliefs about women. These beliefs form certain stereotypes held about women by the misogynists. In 2020, these stereotypes held about women must die.

  1. Women are their own enemies

This would have been true if it wasn’t so ridiculous. Going by this logic, every Nigerian woman hates every Nigerian woman. But in reality, Nigerian women are collaborating together to start companies, run businesses, form supportive girl squads and change the narrative. The gaslighting of this stereotype is simply trite.

  1. Women are weak

You must not be acquainted with the fact that women as breadwinners in Nigerian families are on the fast rise. Women are holding down jobs while juggling other side hustles and raising children but somehow “weak” is still considered the right adjective?

  1. Women need men to make money

Wait, people actually believe this? They must have not heard of the 23-year-old woman chilling with a 300k/Month salary, or the 28-year-old female IT expert grinding 960k/month. Oh! mention must be made of a 27-year-old woman slaying her 10 million naira yearly savings target. You need to get up to speed, stop slowing us down.

  1. Women are jealous in nature

Jealousy is a trait of every human trait sufficiently present in both genders. That’s why some men still consider “seeing you with him made me jealous” a cute thing to say. It’s not cute bruh.

  1. Women cannot play politics

A cursory google search will get you a long list of Nigerian women killing it in politics. But we’ll do you one and mention two of them here: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Oby Ezekwesili. Google really is your friend.

  1. Women should get married in their 20s if not there is a problem

Pele o, accurate time keeper. What else do you want us to do before we hit 30? Cook a maximum of 1357 times? Invent 56 indigenous recipes? Talk to us, we brought our jotters.

  1. Women don’t know what they want
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Ok, we are going to need the source for the research that deemed clarity a function of gender. Please, use the 7th edition of APA with your reference.

  1. Women who wear anklets are ashawos

The idea that an accessory is an accurate indication of anything other than the wearer’s style is simply ridiculous. You must have stumbled into 2020 by mistake so we’re going to wave you bye as you find your way back to 1816 where you belong. Bye!

  1. Women are too emotional

We’re the emotional ones but we’re not the ones devoting years of loyalty to football clubs that consistently disappoint. What is the logic behind football fanship? Yes, we know why you are still an Arsenal fan because the first jersey your grandpa bought for you was an Arsenal Jersey.

  1. Women spend too much

And men exist on nothing and indulge in nothing? Before you answer, keep in mind that PS4 comes with a 6 figure bill and we have receipts.